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Electroluminescent diodes (LED or more known under Anglicism LED for Light Emitting Diode) can be incorporated in Barrisol luminous ceilings for a homogeneous diffusion of the light.
The leds are ideal to create a subdued lighting.

The LED lighting system is installed at the back of BARRISOL sheet : in  the PLENUM.
This space will have to be colored in white  in order to reverberate all the luminous power towards the sheet and close to avoid dust and insects in order to always have an impeccable System BARRISOL LIGHT.

In order to avoid dust, insects or any element which can deteriorate the esthetics of the system, it is advised to intercalate a transparent BARRISOL sheet between the lighting system and the BARRISOL translucent sheet.
This process will allow to always having a clean and homogeneous lighting system.

The space of 150mm is necessary to the implementation of a homogeneous lighting system.
The minimum distance between LEDs and BARRISOL sheet must not to be lower than 100mm.

Advantages of LED light system:
  • Low electricity consumption
  • Lifespan
  • Important choice of technical solutions
  • Wide palette of colors
  • Compactness
  • Adaptable to all the forms
  • Possibility of creating video effects
  • Electric system Very Low tension