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Barrisol Trempo

Technical elements

  • The Eyelets
    In finishing chrome or silver, the eyelets are crimped every 20 cm in the lap joint.
  • The Elastic laces
    By means of a simple lacing, the elastic laces connect the fabric to the edges section. The metal chain of safety of resistance 40 daN is installed every 3 meters between the eyelets and the sections of attachment parts to the walls to reinforce the protection MO.

  • The safety metal chain
    A safety metal chain with a resistance of 40 daN is placed every 3 meters between carnations and profiles attached to the walls.

  • The edge section
    The edge section is in aluminium, either anodized, or lacquered colour. It is perhaps straight or pre-curved. It is perforated partly high for the fixing of the connection elements. The fixing of the profiles is selected according to the peripheral supports.

  • The edge hook
    In chrome finishing, they are spaced out every 20 cm and connect the elastic laces to edge sections.

  • The separator
    Reports/ratios length and width to respect

  • The self-supporting frame
    The lacing around a tubular profile is possible to create a self-supporting frame of a maximum area of ​​30 m2.

  • The lighting and technical equipment All types of lighting can be incorporated in the Barrisol Trempo®. Chandeliers, lights, light spots, rails, optic fiber ...

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