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Barrisol PAINTED Deco

Technical information

Three different possibilities with only one lighting system:

  • Stained glass effect
    Only the interior light of the box works which produces a soft atmosphere thanks to transparent colors. It generates emotions and feelings through the colors and the forms.

  • Painting traditional effect
    The decor is lighted by external spots whereas the interior light of the box is turned off

  • Light effect
    The interior light and the external light work together: the pigmentation and the transparency are mixed and give more depth and significance to the selected pictorial topic.

Barrisol Décor Peint (Painted Decor) offers to the architect, to the decorator, to the user, the choice of the forms, the topics, the colors for unique decorations.

Technical requirements

Construction in our workshops of frame to the form and exact dimensions of the place of installation
The decor is manufactured with several intensities of light in order to balance the various chromatic structures and then to obtain the three possibilities of atmosphere.

The finished décor is covered with a protective film, resistant to products of cleaning.
Arrived at its ultimate phase of realization, Barrisol Painted Decor can finally be dismounted of its frame (it profits from the advantages of disassembling and re-assembly of the Barrisol ceilings) and be installed in the specified places.

According to your indications, the installer takes dimensions of the support, topics and colors of your choice. After the manufacture of the support and the intervention of the artist, Barrisol Décor Peint (Painted Decor) is installed by your Barrisol installer. Finally, you only have to admire the decor.

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