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Barrisol Modular


Barrisol Modular is made of self-supporting suspended frameworks in which is crimped the Barrisol sheet.

Several systems of modular frameworks Barrisol self-supporting offer a vast choice of forms and dimensions in all the Barrisol sheets : squares, rectangles, rounds, ovals, undulated surfaces in all sizes...

The modular frame can be create with light, acoustic, perforation, print and recycled sheet.

130 colors and 8 finishes are available.

With Barrisol modular frame, it is possible to alternate forms, aspects and functionalities for a creation increasingly more personalized.

Example of Barrisol modular frame: 3D waves

Creation and assembly

Final result : Renault stand


Barrisol modular frame can be adapted in all types of spaces to create volume, such as commercial arcades, stores, restaurants, etc.

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