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Barrisol lighting details


Barrisol translucent 3D forms are the ideal way to enhance public places such as restaurants, bars, shops, etc.

Smaller and more intimate spaces can also benefit from using a Barrisol translucent 3D system.

Technical information

As a complement to Barrisol line of 2D lighting solutions, translucent 3D creations add to the design and aesthetics of any space. As both a source of light and element of decoration, these lights are perfectly integrated into the whole architectural structure.
All types of shapes can be created in any possible color.

These luminaries are based on PVC or aluminum structures on which the Barrisol sheet is stretched.

Example of a 3D suspended structure:

The luminaries can be suspended or built-in on the Barrisol ceilings.
Barrisol proposes personalized creation of luminaries: 3D, cubes, spheres, pyramids, ellipses, cones...

The Luminaries exist in perforated, printed and recycled versions : 130 colors and 8 finishes are available. 

Download the documentation 'Lumière' (PDF)

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