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why choose Barrisol STRETCH CEILINGS ?

The Barrisol stretch ceilings are adapted in renovation or in new buildings construction. Excellent solution to solve technical problems, they offer a unique design and a perfect result.

BARRISOL® allows you to create all types of ceilings, with unlimited design possibilities.


- bring out the creativity
- large variety of possible designs in Barrisol Tradition
- variety of designs until the infinite in Barrisol Star
- adapt to any surface, any form, any situation, any place
- allow all the forms : horizontals, rounds, inclined, in 3D
- realize any new design


- allow at all moments, in a few minutes, the unhooking of the ceiling
- adapt to all the styles, with all the places of life thanks to the choice of textures and colours
- the installation of new lights, units and technical ducts is always done by Barrisol approved professionals.
- the tracks are fixed on the perimeter of the walls at desired height


- dry and clean installation
- installation is made by Barrisol approved professionals


- Barrisol acoustic joins to the insulating materials for a good acoustic correction of the buildings
- powerful tests of acoustic correction in the school buildings
- refines musical audition
- optimal acoustic absorption in the offices


- profit from the Barrisol techniques for the integration of all types of lights
- incorporate the suspended and integrated lights, spots, optical fibres
- on the large surface, the ways of light form separators
- rails, luminous separators can be integrated into the separators Barrisol Star
- ceilings and mural translucent multiply the lights by reflecting them


- are insensitive to the moisture, to the condensation, effective vapour barrier
- are appropriate for the places with high hygrometry
- can be washed with water in the majority of their textures
- are impermeable to the water. Often the rooms in the case of water damages are protected from the   water, the ceiling is forming a pocket of reserve at the time of the infiltration of water and by regaining their   initial shape after draining.


- respect the environment - use not much of energy
- 1 000 square meters of Barrisol represent < 180 kg of material for a volume of 0,10 cubic meter (a ceiling in   skirting-board of the same dimension represent 50 cubic meters of trees)
- long lifetime
- recycling to 100%
- non toxic (in conformity with the European and international standards)


- ceilings firebreak (in complex), incorporate all the safety appliances
- answer the safety requirements - classification M1
- were the subject of approvals of the Ministry of the Interior in France and the organizations of safety and   salubrity of France and many countries
- by their low weight, do not wound in the event of explosion or of earthquake
- do not accumulate static electricity in the plenum


- Ceilings are guaranteed by the manufacturer : 10 years against all hidden defects of manufacture : welding   of harpoons and breadths
- excellent quality - price ratio, long life of the installation
- no dirty maintenance
- protect the frames, the concrete or steel structures, the under-faces of roofs
- present a double aspect of energy saving : lower volume to be heated, reduction of the heat losses   outwards


- resist to the cold and the heat
- their tension is constantly maintained
- resist to the sea water, chlorine, the majority of the gas vapours such as formol, ether, trichlorethylene...
- are insensitive with x-rays
- resist to significant loads caused by the water damages


- allow at all moments, in a few minutes, the unhooking of the ceiling
- facilitate the access to the plenum in the case of water damages, repairs of technical units, and take again   their initial tension
- are cleaned up with the adequate Barrisol products (except brushed suede)
- the installation of new lights, units and technical ducts is always done in connection with the installer   approved Barrisol


- with the ceiling or high hollow block floor, Barrisol creates a layer of air
- the layer of air, like a double glazing, forms an insulating cushion and prevents the formation of spectrums   of condensation on the Barrisol fabric
- decrease the heat losses of the floors of the roofs
- decrease volumes to be heated while being installed easily with desired height
- are combined with the heat insulation for excellent results


- technical studied for the stability of the installations
- special technical for great surfaces
- technical for the stability of the ceilings with sides
- stability of the ceilings in great height
- stability of the appliances installed in the ceilings
- thermally stable of -40 to +50°C, no change of visible aspect


- bring the adequate response to each technical problem
- compensate for the manufacturing defects or apparent malformations of the slabs
- avoid the notches, the electric cables being able to be placed in the plenum
- suppress the halos, spectrum effects
- do not overload the frames
- avoid the thermic bridges


- consist of molecules with memory
- after deformation, return to their initial form and their tension
- find their initial form after each reset
- absorb the impacts of balloons and take again their tension
- found their position after evacuation of rubbles fallen from the plenum


- profit from continuous technical leap and decorative advanced
- extend their applications to new sectors, create the adequate techniques
- allow the innovating designs, extend the creativity
- allow the realization of all new projects