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Fire at Barrisol

After the fire of a part of the manufacture in Kembs on August 11th, the company, specialized in the "Barrisol" stretched ceilings, transferred its activities on its Ste-Marie-Aux-Mines site to maintain its production until the manufacture in Kembs become operational. Today, ten jobs are available on site.

"We reacted immediately..." underlines Mr. Scherrer, the Normalu Chairman. After the fire of a part of its manufacture in Kembs last August, the company immediately decided to transfer its production activities on the Ste-Marie-Aux-Mines site where Normalu is installed since 1971. In the Osmont street, eight people are employed. Since August 13th, the sampling and documentation shops and the storage facilities were refitted thanks to several local companies. This reorganization allows the installation of production lines to continue the ceilings manufacture. “Unemployment of the employees was avoided because they all moved to Ste-Marie-Aux-Mines to work” relayed Bernard Dellenbach, chief of shops. A high cost and temporary transfer but vital for Normalu which is present in 80 countries and carry out a turnover of 100 MF.

The recruitment of ten people
"There is a huge delay to catch up, we envisage working in team and even during nights..." explains Bernard Dellenbach while Mr. Scherrer specifies "the manufacture of Ste-Marie-Aux-Mines must turn to full mode until the end of September". With the two machines already functional, two others must be added at the end of the week and seven more are awaited on site according to Bernard Dellenbach. To maintain the production activities at the top, the company announces the immediate recruiting of ten people (particularly women). "These jobs could be maintain afterwards with the development of this site" underlines the manager of the company. Whereas the site of Kembs should be operational in the next months, he also specifies that forty people should be employed on a Ste-marien site called to develop…

Jean-Alain Haan (DNA, 09.11.2001)

Part of the manufacture at Ste-Marie-Aux-Mines on August 13th, 2001

Normalu Barrisol offices (400 m²) in Kembs on August 13th, 2001

Barrisol Training room in Kembs on August 13th, 2001

Aluminum profiles and tracks manufacture (4000 m²) in Kembs on August 13th, 2001

Production site (4000 m²) in Ste-Marie-Aux-Mines on August 13th, 2001