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Company History

The following is a timeline of some of the significant milestones in the 45-years history of the company from the creation of Barrisol ceilings to the advanced techniques that helped developed the Barrisol Universe.

From 1960 to 1969

1967 to 1969 : Creation

NORMALU S.A. founded by Mr Fernand Scherrer in 1967 under a S.A.R.L. type.

Commercialization of two licenses in aluminum tracks: SYMA - SYSTEM and TSI
The company begins the manufacture of the first stretched ceilings in 1969.

From 1970 to 1979

1975 : Creation of the Barrisol brand

First patent registration of stretch ceiling and creation of the Barrisol brand.
Launch of the first stretch ceiling that can be removed and reinstalled thanks to a visible PVC tracks system.
Commercialization of the Barrisol white matte's sheet, classified M1. Then the commercialization of the Barrisol brushed suede sheets in green, beige and brown.

Silver Award for innovation – Batimat – France

1976 : Development of the company

Change of statutes and increase of capital. By now we talk about Normalu S.A.
Commercialization of the first perforated sheet in white color.
Marketing of a PVC disc of reinforcement for the Barrisol sheet, following its creation one year before.

From 1977 to 1979 : New systems, new sheets….

Creation of a cornice track
Creation of a Barrisol separator and its accessories to divide big surfaces
Commercialization of matte sheet in the following colors: beige, black, brown and ivory.

First sheet with a white lacquer finish.

From 1980 to 1989

From 1980 to 1988: Always more innovation…

Opening on the Oriental Nations with the signing of a contract of utilization of the Barrisol licence with the Japanese companies Mitsui and Fukuvi. For commercial reasons, the Barrisol stretch ceiling works under the Refojoule brand in Japan.

Creation of the Barrisol visible track with ventilation holes and notch fixation
Creation of the first PVC bended track
Commercialization of the matte tracks with beige, black and brown colors.
Creation of the adjustable Barrisol spot support
Commercialization of the first colored sheets with a lacquered finish
First sheet with metallic finish.

Creation of the new Barrisol harpoon: reinforced and printed with the name of the inventor.
First ceiling with cable system  ( if you don't understand : see page 47 technical documentation)
Creation of Barrisol sloping ceiling systems
Creation of the first suspended light structure with translucent sheet and integrated tracks
First Barrisol light block  (see page 54 technical brochure)
First heater to install the Barrisol stretch ceiling.

French industrial aesthetics label - France (1983)
Avant-garde product award - France (1984)
Oscar of the National Trade union of the Interior designers - France (1985)

1988 : a small revolution….

Patent registrations of Barrisol Star and Barrimur Star, new systems for attachment of Barrisol with invisible tracks for ceilings and walls.
Creation of a new support for Barrisol spot with three dimensional adjustments: M0 aluminum attachment clamp and reinforcement for M1 PVC Barrisol ceiling

Creation of 3D supports for Barrisol spot.


First BarriDalles
First stretch ceiling in circle (or ring)  with rounded (or curved) PVC track, less than 3 meters.
Commercialization of the Barrisol tool to install the invisible track

From 1990 to 1999

1990 : new technical advancements….

Creation of the Barrispot system (spot combined with the support)
Creation of notched tracks
Creation of Barrisol Star separators for Barrisol harpoon
Creation of Barrisol Star track for the first 3D forms 
Creation of Barrisol pipe incorporation system
First ceiling which combines heating ceiling and stretch ceiling authorized by the CSTB in public spaces.

Special jury award for the Thermalu Barrisol to the fair of Grenoble - France (1990)
The exceptional, innovation prize, is awarded to Barrisol in Geneva. Suisse (1990)

From 1991 to 1993: Barrisol exports itself

The Barrisol stretch ceiling and Barrisol Star are used in the Eastern countries.
The Barrisol stretch ceiling and Barrisol Star are used in Asia (except Japan) - 1992
The Barrisol stretch ceiling and Barrisol Star are used in South America and Australia - 1993

Creation of the first Barrisol star bended track
First modular frame with integrated track
Creation of Barrisol satin's sheet in 25 colors. First ceiling with satin finish
First ceiling with Barrisol Lumière

Oscar of honor of the SNAI for the technology and the implementation of Barrisol Star (1991).
Bronze Award of the Innovation in Batimat for the Barrisol Star (1991)
First prize for product and technology – Arch'93 Prague- Czech Republic (1993)

1995 : Creation of new products

First PVC sheet stretch with lacing:  Barrisol Trempo ceiling
Banner for Supermarket : Barrisol Signs

Gold Award of the Product in China
Gold Award of the Product to the fair CONECO' 95 of Bratislava, Czech Republic.

From 1996 to 1999: Lighting, painting and printing….

First printed sheet
First 3D light ceiling
First painting sheet

Gold award- DECOR EXPO' 96 of Goungzhou, China (1996).
Innovation prize - Interbuild of Melbourne, Australia (1996)
Mention of honor - ESPACIO' S in Santiago, Chile (1997)
Performance and Quality award - Canada (1997)
USA: Construction Excellence Award - by Ceilings & Interior Systems Construction Association (1998)

From 2000 to 2009

From 2000 to 2001: translucent and acoustic sheet

Introduction of Barrisol in Moldavia and in Kirghizistan
First stretch ceiling with microperforations to optimize the acoustic
Launching of the Microacoustics® line: more competitive thanks to an increased number of perforation.
First translucent sheet
First track specific for clean room

Excellence award - Canada (1999)
Innovation and quality award – Poland (2000)
Innovation and technology prize- Germany (2000)
Design prize – Arch – Czech Republic (2001)
Gold Award - Construct Expo – Romania (2001)
Innovation prize Barrisol Lumière - Meble Wnertze – Poland (2001)

2002 : New tracks and systems

Creation of new tracks:
  • Double track for outgoing angle
  • Track for rail for support rail table
  • Track  for painter and tapestry maker
  • Track  for withdrawn flagstones
  • Double track  for suspending  technical elements
Creation of new profile:
  • Wall profile  in double skin stretch ceiling
  • Doubles skin profile for dismountable suspended case
  • Double track profile for Microacoustic system double sheet or luminous ceiling
Other developments
  • Creation of a system of trap door with access by magnetization
  • First ceiling with zipper
  • First ceiling with Cabloform (system of tended cable) + column

Construction exellence Award – USA
Innovation Prize - AIT- Dusseldorf Germany (2002)
Innovation Prize - AIT- Francfort Germany (2002)

2003- 2004: More and more choices of sheets, colors, systems….

First translucent sheet with 2,4 meter wide
New acoustic sheets with different perforation rate :  Microperf®, Microacoustics®, Miniperf®
Commercialization of new colors for the brushed suede line, total of 22 colors
Creation of a profile to combine Barrisol ceiling and Barridalles
Separator for Barridalles
Separator with 6 mm gap joint

Certificate of Excellence - sidim – canada (2003)
Belgian building award communication - batibouw – belgium (2004)

2005 -2006: Innovation system

Light Boxes Easy Acess with mechanical or electrical access system to help address maintenance concerns such as cleaning and light bulb/tube replacement.

Barrisol Trempovision® :
Openwork sheet for both interior and outside with a system of lacing: 3,15 m of width (without welding and except lacing)
Creation of a new Barrisol TrempoVision track
Commercialization of a new line of sheeting: TrempoDesign® . It  can be used inside or outside, it is acoustic and printable.

Commercialization of a new mini harpoon for 3D forms.

2007 : acoustic and environmental innovations

Launching of 4 new perforations: Lunaperf®, Terraperf®, Omégaperf® et Solaperf®.
Commercialization of Acoperf®, acoustic sheet with very high performance. Acoperf® is a product form the Acoustics® line.

Launching of the recycled sheets: Les Recyclés®. These sheets are manufactured with old Barrisol sheet
Available colors: beige, white, grey and black.

Barrisol Lumière obtained the Prize for the product of the year - For Arch 2007- Czech Republic

2008 : New launches, more and more creative….

Barrisol B-skin®  furniture's
Barrisol Creadesign®,  a translucent sheet with patterns in relief that bring a visio-tactile perception to the sheet.
Barrisol Xtrêmes® , sheets with important wide
Barrisol VisioPerf®, double sheet perforated
Sedna, Plutonia et Equinox…new translucent sheets
Ministar, new track with 3 mm gap joint

Gold Award for Barrisol Acoustics - Stroisib 2008 – Russia
Innovation prize for Barrisol Les Recycles® - Batiweb Award 2008 – France
Innovation award – INPI Trophee Alsace – France (2008)

2009 : Always more innovations...

Certifications and patents
The 1st Creadesign® membrane was certified "CE" and Bs2-d0.
The 1st printed sheets with clear colors were certified "CE" and Bs2-d0 for, and Bs3-d0 for printed sheets with dark colors.
European fire classification (Bs2-d0 for the various Barrisol lines of membranes and Bs3-d0 for brushed suede membranes)
10 new patents have been registered.

New tracks
New Ministar® track with a 5 mm hollow join instead of 8 mm
New multi-tensions plate fixation
New tri-directionnal tube.
New double engaging tube
New frame with invisible edge.

New products
Barrisol Perfodesign® allows perforating patterns and logos of your choice on Barrisol® membranes (according to technical possibilities).
Launching of the printed King® lamp (of the B-Skin® line).

New patterns
New "Zebra 2" pattern for Creadesign® line of sheeting

New colors
More than 20 new colors of which:
Lacquered finish: Prune Violette, Vert Olive, Beige Obione, Bleu Dauphinelle, Rouge Grenat,Gris Tamaris,Orange Datura,Taupe Asaret
Satin finish : Prune Kiji, Vert Kourou.
Brushed suede finish : Bleu Tendance, Bleu Fashion.
X-trême®’s line: Blanc Extramat
Translucent line : Aurore Boréale.
Creadesign® line : New patterns : black "zen" on white mat membrane, black "zen" on Sedna membrane, black "zen" on Gris Celebes finish, Pink "zen" on white mat membrane, black "zebra" on white mat membrane, black "zebra" on Sedna membrane.

YAPI's exhibition Prize for Barrisol Stand – Istanbul 2009- Turkey

From 2010 to today

2010 : always more choice

Certifications and patents

  • CE Certification : Barrisol is the only one on the market to offer more than 230 colours and finishes CE certified and fire rated BS2-d0 and BS3-d0.
  • 2m wide lacquered ceiling rated BS2-d0 and CE certified.
  • 11 new patents.

New finishes

  • Creadesign® : 3 new patterns available on Blanc Mat 01010 sheet and 3 new patterns available on Blanc Venus sheet (Spirale, Dot et Zebra).
  • Reflets Lacqués® : 5 new Barrisol lacquered references : blanc orchidée, jaune cytise, terracota ixia, vert lindera, violet aubergine
  • Les Recyclés : 3 new colours : vert (green), rose (pink), bleu (blue).
  • Acoustics® : new perforation - P85 Xyloperf.

New lines

  • les Effets Matière, Barrisol offered you its brand new line of finishes : the Effets Matière, 8 exclusive original finishes, including 3 Collection OR references ! : Ronce de Noyer, Métal Iridescent, Métal Cercles Brossé, Or Iridescent, Feuille d'Or, Or Brossé, Lys Cuivré, Métal Brossé.
  • Ministar : 2 tracks and 1 separator, and a hollow joint of 5mm. 4 new spatulas especially created to ensure an optimal installation of the Ministar® line.
  • Barrispot®: The complete set includes, the spot light and associated elements, available in 8 finishes.
  • The lacquered in 2m width : Barrisol is the first to create lacquered sheets in 2m width :
    • 9 lacquered sheets : blanc orchidée, blanc lys, noir tulipe, brun Roseaux, bleu Gentiane,
    • 4 acoustic sheets A10, A20, A30 et A40 in 2m,
    • 1 translucent sheet: Nereide
  • ClipSistem® line
  • New hollow joints line.
  • First prototype of Barrisol armchair (made by Vallon)

Worldwide presence - New countries have join our Barrisol partnership in 2010

Exceptional project - 2010 was again a year full of prestigious projects for Barrisol.

  • Origami Tigers - Sydney : Inspired by the ancient art of Origami, and designed with avant-garde technologies, they symbolize the union of East and West, of tradition and innovation. At first installed by the Custom House in Sydney, since 2010 they crisscross the globe as part of the WWF campain « 2010 Year of theTiger» to increase public awareness of the disappearance of tigers (less than 3200 tigers left on the planet)
  • MaXXI museum – Rome : An exceptionnal area created by Zaha Hadid, back lit Barrisol® Lumière® sheets.
  • Oasis of the Seas : The Royal Caribbean Company, inaugurated the Oasis of the Seas, the biggest and the most luxurious ship of the world which can welcome 7400 passengers.
  • Carrasco airport – Uruguay : 16000 m² of Barrisol ceiling, in the most modern airport of South America, designed by the architecte Rafael Vinoly.
  • Sun Plaza shopping mall - Romania : More than 10 000 m² Barrisol Acoustics® sheets were installed in the Sun Plaza Shopping Center.
  • Victoria shopping mall - Poland : This exceptional Barrisol huge spiral structure surprises the visitors of this new Victoria shopping center !

Alsace Innovation Prize 2010 for Barrisol Effets Matiere®.

2011 : An Exceptional Year !

Certifications and Patents

  • 9 new patents

New Finishes

  • Translucent : new colour Blanc Calisto 04014 : all the qualities of Mercure 04015, in white
  • Brushed suede : Blanc Eden 05010 : new colour (snow white).

New Lines

  • Ministar :  We have New spatulas to aid the  perfect installation
  • Ministar harpoon in 2 new finishes (black, and white) .
  • Barrisol Acoustics® now available as 2m widths
  • Les Effets Lumière® : In 5 exclusive finishes, for original lighting effects
  • Barrispots : new line of Barrisol spots, with LED. Click here to see the line of the Barrisol spots
  • Print Your Mind : We have expanded our collection, now  with over 5000 new images for printing ceiling and wall covers. Click here to see the collection..

Barrisol awarded for the Batimat Design Awards 2011 !!

4 Barrisol Innovations were specially highlighted in the Innovation Area of the Fair :

  • Barrisol by Vallon® the original totally customizable chair! See the chair
  • Layers Concept®  Create new visual depth with our unique layering effect! See Layer Concept
  • The Effets matière® amazing ‘Trompe-l’œil’ finishes! See Effets Matieres
  • The PLUS® lamp, totally customizable lighting! See Plus Lamp

New Processes

  • 3D Bending :  our new 3d bending process allows us to create amazing original shapes and sizes.  The  ‘Heart’ specially created  for the Batimat 2011’ show is a typical example of what we can do with this new exclusive process. 

Exceptional Projects in 2011

  • "Khazret Sultan" mosque – Kazakhstan
  • Showroom Volkswagen, Germany
  • University of Wollongong, Australia
  • Casino of Valencia, Spain
  • Finnair Lounge & spa, Finland 
  • Shopping mall of Catania, Italy
  • University of Le Mans, France
  • United Bank, Singapore
  • MUDE – Museum of design, Lisbonne, Portugal
  • Museum of Sciences, Lisbonne, Portugal
  • Copernica museum, Poland
  • Bugatti, Germany


  • Barrisol  iPhone / iPad app : Discover with just  one click a series of photos, 360°tours and videos of our work in both private and commerical locations.. See more


Certifications and Patents

  • 10 new patents
  • A+ label : All our products are labelled A+. The Barrisol ceilings have been tested A+ (the highest score), in accordance to the French laws on the “emission level of volatile organic compound” and on the quality of the indoor-air. The Barrisol sheets are produced with plasticisers phthalate-free and are guaranteed to be without cadmium, mercury, or arsenic. No emission of VCM (vinyl chloride monomer) has been detected during the warming of the sheet, the installation of the ceiling or after installation.

New finishes

  • Acoustic : Nanoperf® A15: This new micro-perforation offers excellent acoustic results, ideal to guarantee an optimal sound comfort in spaces open to the public but also for the residential places.
  • Effets Matière: BEM 10 Fleurs Noires, strewn with floral reasons which seem painted with the Indian ink. BEM 11 Fleurs Blanches and BEM 12 Impulsions: 2 new exclusive references, moderns and elegant. BEM 036 Cuir Havane, BEM 15 Bambou Blanc.
  • Effets Lumière: BEL06 Solaris new glossy white translucent Barrisol sheet: it keeps the glossy effect even when it’s back lit; BEL07 Nuages, exclusive sheet with 3D effect: lacquered blue sky with clouds!
  • Lacquered: 02088 Violet Gilia
  • Satin: 07097 Noir Blake, 07096 Rouge Aruba
  • Mat: 01060 Blanc Douceur
    11 new colours and finishes.

New lines

  • New line Mirror: two finishes, Gold and Silver! These new sheets are specifically designed to be fixed on self-standing frames. They can be made in many shapes: circles, triangle, squares, rectangles…

New tracks

  • Ministar : new tracks BMS345/06 and BMS 345/20 specially designed for the creation of 3D frames and structures.

Exceptional project

  • Enzo Ferrari museum, Italy: 3000 m² of Barrisol ceiling has been installed in this exceptional place, designed by Jan Kaplicky (Future Systems) and Andrea Morgante (Shiro Studio).
  • Aquatic Centre of London, England: Fabrication and installation of a 600 m² stretch ceiling, acoustical and luminous, innovative and ecological, in the swimming pool of the Olympic games of London. Designed by Zaha Hadid.
  • Prem house, Singapore: an exceptional residential place, a very nice realisation by ETHOspace PTE LTD.
  • Pyramid, Poland: Printed pyramid in a spa-swimming pool, by Pani Aleksandra Lepka.
  • Overseas Bank, Singapore: Lobby and lounge, in a pure organic style by ETHOspace PTE LTD.
  • Edificio Beethoven, Spain: a lobby made with lighting frames, by Arq René.
  • Bugatti Showroom, Germany: A huge back lit ceiling displays the very famous Bugatti Veyron, designed by Henn Architekten.
  • Volkswagen Pavilion, Wolfsburg, Germany: Created by the architects of «Plex Group », this creation is designed as a multimedia structure.
  • Hyundai Showroom, Brazil: a superb ceiling made with lighting modular frames, in this Hyundai car dealer, by Priscila Sperandio.
  • Casino of Valencia, Spain: the casino of Valencia in Spain was seen magnified of suspended modular frames, by Nacho Moscardo.
  • La Poste, Italy: a nice example of Blanc Vénus Translucide® membrane, sublimated by the light, by CMS – Ing. Giorgio Massa
  • Roissy Charles de Gaulle airport, France: Modular opening frames, designed in a petal-shape, are made with 110 m² of Barrisol Translucent ceiling, by Unanime.
  • Wroclaw railway station, Poland: The railway station has been renovated with 1600 m² of translucent luminous stretch ceiling (Barrisol Lumière®), by Groupe 5.


  • Barrisol Colour simulator for iPhone / iPad: This new app « Colour simulator » allows you to preview your Barrisol® stretched ceiling project on a picture of your choice. This totally new app is a colour vision tool which simulates colours and finishes to create the perfect ambience.
  • Barrisol.com: a new homepage for the website Barrisol.com, more convenient and faster.
  • Private and residential website : Barrisol launched a new website dedicated to private and residential public. Discover photos of Barrisol solutions for each place of the house, the advantages of Barrisol products, and the last news of Barrisol.


  • Barrisol® tigers at the CCI of Mulhouse:The Chamber of commerce and industry of Mulhouse, putting regularly at the honour of the companies of the south of Alsace within the framework of the operation “Made in Sud Alsace”, tiger BARRISOL® chose to underline the know-how and the competitiveness of group BARRISOL® NORMALU® SAS.
  • The museum of printed textile and Barrisol create an exhibit of Jean-Charles de Castelbajac : Jean-Charles de Castelbajac designed a new creation to mark the occasion. This pattern is printed on a Barrisol-modular structure, suspended over an area dedicated to his creations. This exhibit is the starting point of a new partnership between the museum (MISE) and Barrisol. Barrisol has now access to the important collection of patterns and printed textile of the museum.
  • Barrisol® partner of designers Teatum & Jones: Barrisol® equipped the podium dedicated to the parade of young mode creators Teatum & Jones with the foil "Laqué Blanc".
  • Lasvit LiquidKristal with Ross Lovegrove: Ross Lovegrove, presented his new creation, a concept of architectural surface glass high-tech for Lasvit, Liquidkristal, at the last Milan Triennale. On the ceiling of the original structure, we can find organic and colorful animated images. An animation with LEDs is retro projected onto a Barrisol designed as a giant screen!
  • Nuits Blanches 2012, Paris: Barrisol® contributes to the creation of a giant projector: « Projecto Box ».
  • Luminaire Ross Lovegrove with Barrisol®: Barrisol took part in the launch of a new luminaire designed by Ross Lovegrove for Louis Poulsen, showing the exciting layer effect concept!
  • Exhibition « un festin d’etoffes » , in partnership with Prada and Barrisol, at the Museum of printed textile
  • Mariko Mori "Rebirth" exhibition at the Royal academy of art of London: As part of a unique partnership, Barrisol® has provided the artist Blanc Wight® sheets to carry out her work called "White Hole".


  • Barrisol® among the 120 SME international-export champions, in 2012! Ranked 110th, the Barrisol® group is doing well on international markets, and benefit from the dynamism of many markets like UK, Germany, Brazil…
  • Barrisol received in Bercy: Before the Olympic Games of London, Nicole Bricq, Minister of Foreign Trade, Arnaud Montebourg, Minister for the recovery productive and Fleur Pellerin, Minister Delegate in charge of SMEs, Innovation and the Digital Economy, received, in the Hotel of the ministers at Bercy, French companies involved in this great sporting adventure.


  • Radio campaign: Barrisol® sponsor of "Les Grosses Têtes" air show on RTL radio. The campaign started the 3rd of September, finished the 28th September, with a 2 spots per day, at 4pm and 6pm.